Here you will find out all the great gossip going on in our lives... 


molly can do great puppy eyes... they make you cry awwww 

Gabriella has recently became a perent to a beautiful kitten named pebbles, she vey well behaved and cute ... shes a tabby silver and loves cuddles!!!! 

Gabriella and molly recently auditioned for a singing completion, Molly raced through the auditions amazed By the Full Four (4) judges that turner around. On the other hand Gabriella sang 'Be Our Guest' from beauty and the beast and no judges turned! she did it so support a friend and thats what matters!

In more news Molly has joined a badminton club with Gabriella and one other friend!! we love playing and staying healthy  

Gabriella has signed up for 10 tors located in devon,dartmoor along with starting 4 GCSE early as a result of her great grades!   

Molly has a small part in this years end of school production! yet being kicked out because she could not  make the last thursday show because she was going to London as a family... mean drama teatchers

 Molly and Gabriella are not related... but live in the same village and sit next to each other on the bus into school! Gabriella is one year older that Molly but get on great!

Molly and Gabriella have never broken up as friends and have been friends ever since the meet in 2007! Gabriella moved to devon in to a cute village form a huge over crowded city more west even tho we have always been great friends we still have arguments but know that will never get in between  our friendship !

Gabriella loves cats, molly has a evil one that is unfriendly and has bitten, scratched and leaped for Gabriella several times!!!


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