Todays hot or not is our very english vintage picnic, its a great way to get out side and have fun. On the 30th of August Gabriella and Molly along with 2 other friends adventured up a small beaten track with thousands of stinging nettles waiting to unleash there pain on our poor worn out feet. When we reached the top of the beaten track the trees opened up to a huge very steep field. we had to clime up this carrying very heavy bags for life, we fell over a few times and dropped Gabriella's birthday cake which was a homemade me to you bear created by Molly and another friend. we broke the plate but lucky us, the cake was fine and only had a bit of mud on! We carried on up the huge hill to the top where is was more flat. We laid out 3 picnic blankets and unloaded a bag of me to you bears, they took up a lot of space!!! we soon knew the bears would have to go back into the bag as we need some space to put down the picnic food. For the next 2 hours we stuffed our faces with crisps, carrots, dip, cucumber, sausages, sausage rolls, strawberry, cherries  and lots of Nutella. Molly ate most of the Nutella! On the picnic we did a few more episodes of girly gossip and uploaded them at home. we had hot chocolate, tea and soup ! The soup suffered negation as not many of us were willing to try it, in total all of us together ate half a cup full of soup. we then packed up and moved to the other side of the field as it was flatter. Gabriella and one of her friends spent the time spotting clouds and pointing out familiar shapes as Molly and the other friend bathed in the glorious sun. After 4 hours on our vintage picnic we packed up and took a longer but less painful route down a normal road! When we reached home we got out the me to you muddy cake and lighted some candle and sang happy birthday to Gabriella on her 13th. The day was amazing and better than we all thought was possible. We had a great day followed by a sleepover! 


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